Hi, my name is Daniel. This is a blog of my 4th year software engineering project at The University of Sydney (ELEC4707).

The title of my project is Painting with the Wii. In short, this project involves integrating DirectX into a program designed for painting with a Wii remote (or Wiimote).

I will be continually updating this blog throughout the course of the project. Please check back reguarly for updates!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

WiiPaint Initial Prototype

So I have been making some good progress with an initial prototype, and have already produced much of the functionality that is present in the original program, in my new DirectX based program.

So far I have done the following:
  • Created a better mouse movement algorithm, so that the Wiimote can control the mouse cursor all the way around the screen (if the user is far enough away from the sensor bar).

  • Implemeted draw methods for a number of shapes in DirectX (Rectangle, Circle, and Spray Paint).

  • Made a button that clears the drawing panel.

  • Added a custom hand cursor (similar to the Wii menu cursor) that appears when the user is over the drawing panel.

  • Added several basic colours that can be selected to paint with.
So by controlling the mouse with the Wii, and selecing a shape and colour, the user can draw on the screen (by pressing the A button on the Wiimote).

Here is a video of this program in action:

Since the partial treatise is due in 2 weeks, I will be putting most of my effort into getting that done from now.

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