Hi, my name is Daniel. This is a blog of my 4th year software engineering project at The University of Sydney (ELEC4707).

The title of my project is Painting with the Wii. In short, this project involves integrating DirectX into a program designed for painting with a Wii remote (or Wiimote).

I will be continually updating this blog throughout the course of the project. Please check back reguarly for updates!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Usability Study and Research Paper

Much has happened in the last 2 weeks.

- I have finished coding, completeing all the minimum requirements of the application, and some of the extended requirements. There is unlikely to be any further time to code later, due to the fact that I have to complete the thesis.

- I conducted a usability study for WiiPaintPlus, recuiting 20 participants to test the application and complete a survey about its usefulness. This took some time (between 15 and 20 hours), but the feedback has been very useful.

Here are some creations that testers made during usability testing:

- Right now, me and my supervisor (Irena) are writing a research paper about WiiPaintPlus, and the usability study that was undertaken, to be submitted to a computing journal. The main focus of the paper is on describing the creation of WiiPaintPlus, and its use of the Wiimote as an input. The Wiimote has provided loads of functionality due to its various input capabilities... and there is a lot of potential for application development using the Wiimote.

The paper is due for submission later today...