Hi, my name is Daniel. This is a blog of my 4th year software engineering project at The University of Sydney (ELEC4707).

The title of my project is Painting with the Wii. In short, this project involves integrating DirectX into a program designed for painting with a Wii remote (or Wiimote).

I will be continually updating this blog throughout the course of the project. Please check back reguarly for updates!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Detailed Update


Over the last week, I have made some good progress on the project.
I have done more testing of the existing prototype created by a previous student, and have come to realise that I was using the system incorrectly in previous tests. The existing prototype does make use of the Wii sensor bar to pick up movement, and the mouse cursor can then be controlled by the Wiimote. This eliminated a number of issues that I had documented in the project plan:

  • There is a visible cursor for the user to see their current location.

  • The user has the ability to move the cursor to a new location and continue painting.
I would probably have realised this eariler, had I been more thorough in my reading of the existing project report, but having discovered this now, I have not lost much time at all.

Here is a video of me using the WiiPaint program:

As you can see, the pointing capabilities of the remote are still quite poor, and it is difficult to paint anything that resembles an object. Also, you can see that the colour selection tool is quite jumpy when switching between colour gradients.

DirectX Cursor Program

I have also been working on a simple DirectX program which has a cursor that is moved by the Wiimote. This is based on some of the projects by Johnny Lee (see link in the right menu), particularly the head-tracking project.

Here is a video of me using this basic program:

I will update more as soon as I can.

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