Hi, my name is Daniel. This is a blog of my 4th year software engineering project at The University of Sydney (ELEC4707).

The title of my project is Painting with the Wii. In short, this project involves integrating DirectX into a program designed for painting with a Wii remote (or Wiimote).

I will be continually updating this blog throughout the course of the project. Please check back reguarly for updates!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Completed Line Tool

I managed to figure out a better way to draw lines.

I used the inbuilt DirectX Line class, which has a draw method that takes an array of points that make up a line, and draws rectangles between them.

I also drew a circle at each point on the line, so that the line was smoother (as the rectangles sometimes had gaps between them.

The following image shows the line tool at work. It was drawn using the Wiimote.

The width of the line tool can be varied by clicking the + and - buttons on the Wiimote.

I have also optimised the painting of shapes, and now only the most recent shape is redrawn on the canvas (this reduces the load on the processor considerably, especially when the image is large).

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