Hi, my name is Daniel. This is a blog of my 4th year software engineering project at The University of Sydney (ELEC4707).

The title of my project is Painting with the Wii. In short, this project involves integrating DirectX into a program designed for painting with a Wii remote (or Wiimote).

I will be continually updating this blog throughout the course of the project. Please check back reguarly for updates!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Requested code from SIT supervisor.

Today I contacted my SIT supervisor (Irena) by email, to request the code from the existing prototype, developed by a past student. I will need to start looking through the code (written in C#), to understand how the Wiimote interacts with the computer.

I also requested that Irena send me the open source machine learning software that I will be integrating into the existing program.

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